Christ in the mirror of contemporary photography

Promoting an analysis of the diversity of Christ's faces, reflected in the mirror of contemporary photography.

Project year: 2016 & 2020

A passionate art historian and senior FNS (Fonds National Suisse) researcher at the University of Lausanne, Nathalie Dietschy obtained her doctorate from that same university, and is a specialist of the contemporary period. She is the author of numerous works on the representation of Christ in photography and she devoted her doctoral thesis to the subject.


By bringing together an exceptional collection of photographic works from the last thirty years, her thesis analyzes the diversity of Christ’s faces. Often the face of the artist himself, his personal preoccupations, his political and social demands and commitments, the Christian figure, installed in a profane setting, out of the churches, is transformed, adapted and redefined, to make this icon the alter ego of the artist and even more his spokesman.

The author brings together for the first time an iconographic corpus never studied and invites to discover and better understand the different faces that can embody Christ today. 


In order to complete her doctoral thesis in Art History on the subject “Le Christ au miroir de la photographie contemporaine”, the Foundation Board in early 2016 decided to award Nathalie Dietschy an amount of Sfr.8,000, needed for the publication of her thesis in French.


In 2019, the Foundation Board decided to grant an amount for the publication of an English version of The Figure of Christ in Contemporary Photography in an updated and iconographically enriched form.

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« Le Christ au miroir de la photographie contemporaine »:

« The Figure of Christ in
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